Questions 121-140

121) Control procurements belongs to:
a) Initiating process group
b) Executing process group
c) Controlling process group
d) Monitoring and controlling process group

122) Which of these is a reason to start a project:
a) Problem
b) Market
c) Opportunity
d) All of the above

123) Which of the following is true about project charter:
a) When the project charter is approved, the project becomes officially authorized
b) Provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational
resources to project activities
c) It is a direct way for senior management to formally accept and commit to the project
d) All of the above

124) The project charter contains:
a) Business needs
b) Risks
c) Quality plan
d) None of the above

125) Scope baseline includes:
a) WBS
b) WBS dictionary
c) Project scope statement
d) All of the above

126) Which of the following is true about project closure:
a) Contract closure is for each contract
b) Contract closure includes product verification and administrative closure
c) Administrative closure happens to close the project or each phase
d) All of the above

127) Administrative closure:
a) Happens once to close the project or each project phase
b) Needed to confirm that all deliverables have been provided
c) Ensures that official acceptance document has been obtained
d) All of the above

128) Which of the below are project selection methods:
a) Cost-benefit analysis
b) Payback period
c) Net present value
d) All of the above

129) WBS:
a) Prevents work from slipping through the cracks
b) Is the basis for estimates
c) Provides the team with an understanding of where their pieces fit in the project plan
d) All of the above

130) Principal sources of project failure:
a) Poorly identified customer needs
b) Poor planning
c) Poor control
d) All of the above

131) Change requests are created because of:
a) An omission in defining product/project scope
b) A value-adding change
c) An external event
d) All of the above

132) Which of the following is an example of a group creativity technique:
a) Brainstorming
b) Risk identification
c) Stakeholder creative communication
d) Powerpoint presentations

133) WBS includes all project work. Which of the following is also true about WBS?
a) It doesn't include product work 
b) It does not include PM work
c) Total of work at lowest levels need not always roll up to higher levels as some extra work may be completed
d) None of the above

134) Critical chain method and critical path method are tools and techniques used in which  of the below?
a) Estimate activity resources
b) Control schedule
c) Develop schedule
d) Estimate activity durations

135) Resource leveling is a tool/technique used in which of the below?
a) Develop schedule
b) Control schedule
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

136) Project Time Management is a process needed to:
a) Ensure timely completion of project
b) Track time taken for each activity
c) Bill the client for each hour of work done
d) None of the above

137) The outputs of 'Define Activities' are:
a) Activity list
b) Activity attributes
c) Milestone list
d) All of the above

138) Arrow diagramming method does not use:
a) Float
b) Finish to start relationship
c) Lag
d) Activities

139) Which of the following is discretionary dependency known as:
a) Preferential logic
b) Soft logic
c) Preferred logic
d) All of the above

140) Lead allows _____ of successor activity:
a) Acceleration
b) Deceleration
c) Tracking
d) Regression