Questions 201-206

201) A Request for Proposal:
a) May invite suppliers to submit a proposal for a product
b) Is a type of Procurement document
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

202) Triangular distribution and Beta distribution are formulas used in:
a) Analogous estimating
b) Parametric estimating
c) Three-point estimating
d) Bottom up estimating

203) Payback period is the time it takes to get back money invested in a project. Hence:
a) The longer the payback period, the better it is for the project
b) The shorter the payback period, the better it is for the project
c) Not enough information to decide
d) Depends on the present value of money invested

204) A formally chartered group responsible for reviewing, evaluating, approving,
delaying, or rejecting changes to the project, and for recording and communicating such decisions is:
a) Board of directors
b) Change control board
c) Team of project managers
d) None of the above

205) In project scope management overview, variance analysis is done during:
a) Control scope
b) Define scope
c) Create WBS
d) Validate scope

206) Actual cost=$2000, Budget at completion=$1800, Earned value= $1500, future work will be accomplished at the planned rate. The estimate at completion is:
a) $1000
b) $2300
c) $800
d) None of the above