Questions 41-60

41) Fast tracking:
a) Is a schedule compression technique
b) Does sequential activities in parallel
c) Increases risk of rework
d) All of the above

42) Quality audit:
i) Is a tool in Perform quality assurance
ii) Checks the compliance of project activities with organizational policies 
iii) Can confirm the implementation of approved change requests including updates, corrective actions, defect repairs, and preventive actions
iv) May be scheduled or random, and may be conducted by internal or external auditors

a) i, iii, iv
b) None of the above
c) All of the above
d) ii, iii

43) Ishikawa diagrams are also called:
a) Fishbone diagrams
b) Causal diagrams
c) Stick diagrams
d) Bone diagrams

44) Some managers believe that people do not work willingly and must be watched and managed continuosly. They are of type:
a) Theory X
b) Theory Y
c) Theory XY
d) Theory V

45) When an individual's lower level needs are met, the next level's needs are his motivation. This forms the basis of:
a) Theory Y
b) Maslow's hierarchy
c) Theory X
d) None of the above

46) Locating all team members in the same location is called:
a) War room
b) Collocation
c) Teleconferencing
d) Telecommuting

47) Noise is:
a) Any interference that might compromise the delivery of the message
b) False information
c) Highest in bad weather
d) None of the above

48) A project manager manages a team of 5. The number of communication channels is:
a) 15
b) 10
c) 5
d) None of the above

49) Email communication is:
a) Formal style, written
b) Informal style, written
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

50) A technique used to identify root causes of issues is:
a) Fish bone diagram
b) Quality check
c) Issue list
d) Defect review

51) A bar graph that shows resource assignments over time is:
a) Resource leveling
b) Resource histogram
c) Resource chart
d) Gantt chart

52) Resource leveling:
i) Is the allocation of resources to resolve overallocation issues
ii) Helps resolve resource conflicts
iii) Can impact time of project
iv) Can only be done with project management software

a) i, ii, iii
b) i, iv
c) ii, iii, iv
d) iii, iv

53) A CPM critical path has:
a) Non-zero float
b) Negative free float
c) Zero total float
d) None of the above

54) If CPI=1.3, SPI=.8, what's the status of the project?
a) Over budget and behind schedule
b) Under budget and behind schedule
c) Under budget and ahead of schedule
d) Over budget and ahead of schedule

55) Scope management plan is an output of:
a) Plan Scope management
b) Define Scope 
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

56) Earned value=100, Planned value=110, the schedule performance index is:
a) 1.1
b) 0.91
c) -10
d) 10

57) Earned value=100, Actual cost=120, the cost performance index is:
a) 0.01
b) 20
c) 0.833
d) -20

58) The five stages in team development according to Tuckman’s ladder are:
a) Forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning
b) Forming, storming, norming, reforming, adjourning
c) Forming, norming, reforming, performing, adjourning
d) Planning, forming, storming, performing, adjourning

59) Theory Y assumes employees:
a) Are self-motivated
b) Have to be micro-managed
c) Work only for money
d) Are not ambitious

60) Low-priority risks should be:
a) Added to a watch list and the risk register updated
b) Removed from the watch list
c) Removed from the risk register
d) Informed to the customer