Questions 81-100

81) Closing a Project provides which of the following benefits? 
a) Releases organization resources to pursue new endeavors
b) Formally ends project work
c) Provides lessons learned
d) All of the above

82) Which of the below are inputs of Close Project?
a) Project management plan
b) Organization process assets
c) Accepted deliverables
d) All of the above

83) 'Gold plating' is
a) Beating customer expectations
b) Producing excellent deliverables
c) Addition of a feature not in the original scope plan
d) All of the above

84) CPPC and fixed-price contracts are used in:
a) PO with standard item
b) PO with variable item
c) Request for proposal
d) Price-free contracts

85) WBS is created in:
a) Project Scope management 
b) Risk management process
c) Planning process
d) Monitor and control 

86) A tool/technique used in the Plan Human Resource Management is:
a) Political factors
b) Organization chart
c) Personnel policies
d) Interpersonal factors

87) RBS stands for:
a) Resource breakdown structure
b) Risk breakdown structure
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

88) Which of the following is true?
a) RACI (Responsible-Accountable-Consult-Inform) is a type of RAM (Responsibility Assignment matrix)
b) RAM shows the resources' responsibilities on the project
c) RAM and RACI are matrix-based charts
d) All of the above 

89) 'Scope' of project is:
a) Any work committed to orally with customer
b) Only work that has to be completed to successfully finish project
c) Any work that customer requires to be completed
d) Only work that can be completed within project duration

90) Tools for Plan Quality Management are:
a) Cost-benefit analysis
b) Cost of quality
c) Benchmarking
d) All of the above

91) Crosby's cost of quality theory of 'zero defects' is based on:
a) Prevention 
b) Correction
c) Conformance
d) Fitness for use

92) Juran's fitness for use theory of cost of quality can be summarized as:
a) Continuous improvement
b) Making a product that meets or exceeds customer expectations
c) Making a product that is easy to use
d) Making a product with zero defects

93) 'Budget at Completion' is also called:
a) Actual cost
b) Budgeted cost of work performed
c) Earned value
d) Total Planned value for the project

94) Which of the following are examples of cost reimbursable contracts:
a) Cost plus incentive fee
b) Cost plus fixed fee
c) Cost plus award fee
d) All of the above

95) A critical path activity:
a) Is crucial for the project to be completed successfully
b) Needs to be signed of by the stakeholder
c) Is an activity on the critical path in the project schedule
d) Is an activity that cannot be substituted by a different activity

96) A dummy activity has:
a) Infinite duration
b) Zero duration
c) No importance
d) All of the above

97) Residual risk is a risk:
a) Found in reserve analysis
b) That remains after all risk responses have been implemented
c) That will be eliminated after applying the appropriate risk response
d) None of the above

98) Plan Scope Management and Define Scope belong to:
a) Planning process group
b) Initiating proces group
c) Executing process group
d) Monitoring and Control process group

99) A room where team members work on issue resolution is called:
a) Conference room
b) Resolution room
c) War room
d) Video conferencing room

100) ‘Variance at completion’ can be calculated as:
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b