Questions 161-180

161) According to Expectancy theory, individuals can be motivated towards goals if they believe that:
a) There is a positive correlation between efforts and performance
b) The outcome of a favorable performance will result in a desirable reward
c) A reward from a performance will satisfy an important need
d) All of the above

162) In a communication model, the mode of communication is called:
a) Email
b) Medium
c) Language
d) Decoding

163) Emails and memos are examples of communication type:
a) Formal written
b) Informal written
c) Formal verbal
d) Informal verbal

164) Effective communication means:
a) Providing more information than needed
b) Providing only the information needed
c) Communicating formally with stakeholders
d) None of the above

165) The management style where the manager allows the employees to take part in decision making is:
a) Laissez-faire
b) Democratic
c) Consultative
d) Persuasive

166) A management skill that establishes direction, aligns people, motivates and inspires team is:
a) Communicating
b) Leading
c) Influencing the organization
d) Problem solving

167) Tools used in risk identification are:
a) Delphi technique
b) Brainstorming
c) Interviewing
d) All of the above

168) Risk register as an output of risk identification contains:
a) Identified risks and potential responses
b) Risk categories
c) Root causes of risks
d) All of the above

169) Most of the project manager's time is spent on: 
a) Project Planning
b) Communication
c) Risk management
d) Tracking

170) Most of a project's resources are spent on:
a) Direct and Manage Project work
b) Plan Project 
c) Control Quality 
d) Manage Risks

171) Output of Direct and Manage project work is:
a) Project plan
b) Preliminary scope statement
c) Preliminary cost estimate
d) Deliverables

172) At what stage of your current project should you use the techniques you learnt on your previous projects as PM?
a) Executing phase
b) Planning phase
c) Throughout the project
d) Monitoring and controlling phase

173) Administrative closure:
a) Can be omitted sometimes
b) Should always be done
c) Is the same as contract closure
d) None of the above

174) If you are implementing the risk response plan, you are in:
a) Planning phase
b) Initiating phase
c) Implementation phase
d) Closing phase

175) Interpersonal skills and Management skills are tools to:
a) Manage stakeholder engagement
b) Report performance
c) Distribute information
d) Plan communications

176) Source selection criteria can include which of the below?
a) Product cost
b) Life-cycle cost
c) Technical expertise
d) All of the above

177) Bidder conferences are a tool to:
a) Meet with prospective sellers and ensure there is a clear understanding of procurement needs
b) Screen contractors
c) Award contracts to the winning bidder
d) None of the above

178) Procurement documentation can include which of the below seller-developed technical documentation?
a) Deliverables 
b) Seller performance reports
c) Warranties
d) All of the above

179) Monitor and control project work is essential to
a) Ensure project is being executed to plan
b) Prepare project plan
c) Prepare scope statement
d) Prepare WBS

180) Correspondence, Payment Schedules and Requests, Seller performance evaluation documentation are examples of:
a) Organizational Process Assets
b) Request for proposal
c) Project management plan
d) None of the above